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Salads, Starters & Snacks

Freshly Shucked Lombok Oysters (per piece)Rp 30,000

Chili lime, lemon, daikon & sesame sauce or how you like them

Bedugul Tomato & Cucumber Salad Rp 95,000

Compressed Japanese cucumbers, ponzu, soft tofu

Warm Chicken Mousse ToastRp 90,000

Pickled red onions, pistachio, shaved radish, raisins

Spanish Jamon Chopped Salad Rp 160,000

Butter lettuce, crispy jamon, tomatoes, sweet corn, grated egg

Smoked Duck & Medjool Date SaladRp 155,000

Pistachios, wild rocket, olive oil marinated feta cheese, dried tomatoes

Roasted Beet & Root Vegetable SaladRp 135,000

Preserved lemons, goats cheese, fennel, parsley, toasted pine nuts

Blue Crab-Squid Ink FettucciniRp 165,000

Shelled crab, garlic, olive oil, clams, chili, rocket

Sashimi of Norwegian SalmonRp 155,000

Truffle ponzu, pickled green mango, basil flowers, bronze fennel

Japanese Style Kiwami 9+ Beef Tartare Rp 165,000

Tempura nori chips, truffled quail egg, seaweed

BBQ Octopus & PrawnsRp 160,000

Hazelnut romesco, crushed rosemary potatoes, olive powder

Slow Roasted Duroc Pork BellyRp 150,000

Truffle polenta, chorizo vinaigrette, sunny side qual eggs

Grade A+ Tuna CevicheRp 160,000

red onions, chili, lime, coriander, madras curry crisps

Alaskan Scallop Sashimi Rp 155,000

Ponzu, yuzu kosho, kiwi-pineapple relish, mint

Duck Confit-Brie FlatbreadRp 170,000

Grapes, candied walnuts, kale, caramelized onions

Fire Sampler for 2Rp 290,000

Chefs selection of hot and cold appetizers to share

Fire Signature Butchers Board for 2Rp 190,000

Foie gras mousse, house terrine of the day, truffled chicken liver mousse, blue cheese, grilled bread

Cauliflower Quinoa Risotto Rp 150,000

Curry oil, roasted almonds, harrisa lamb sausage, mint

Steamed Foie Gras Chawan Mushi Rp 175,000

Blue crab, dashi, shimeji mushrooms, edamame, spring onion


From the best Australia has to offer to the highlands of Ireland and the prairies of Holland we have sourced the finest beef available on the market. All our beef is hand selected and aged a minimum 21 days before being expertly grilled by our FIRE chefs.

Homestead Grass-Fed 100 Days (Australia)  

Tenderloin grass fed Homestead 220 grm - Rp 470,000 Cube roll grass fed Homestead 300 grm - Rp 450,000

Stockyard Black Angus Grain-Fed 200+ Days (Australia) 

Striploin grain fed Black Angus 300 gr - Rp 580,000 Tenderloin grain fed Black Angus 250 gr - Rp 580,000

Stockyard Gold Wagyu 7+ Top Sirloin (Australia) 

Top sirloin wagyu beef 7+ marble score 300 gr - Rp 570,000

Stockyard Gold Wagyu 7+ Top Side Blade Steak (Australia)  

7+ blade steak, similar texture to striploin 220 gr - Rp 380,000

Prime Grass-Fed Aberdeen Black Angus (Argentina)  

Cube roll grass fed and 45 days dry aged 300 gr - Rp 590,000

Dutch Milk Fed Veal Chop (Holland) 

Prairie raised prime center cut Dutch veal chop 400 grm - Rp 680,000

Obe Organic-Grass Fed Bone in Rib Eye (Australia)  

Organic-grass fed bone rib eye 700 gr - Rp750,000

Kiwami 9+ Wagyu Pure Bred Beef Striploin (Australia) Grain-Fed 400+ Days 

Australian bred prime wagyu beef, 9+ marble score 200gr - Rp 950,000

Fire Signature Black Angus T-bone (2 - 3 people)Rp 1,800,000

Stockyard Black Angus T-bone from the Darling Downs region of Queensland, Australia. The best of both worlds with the striploin and tenderloin. Presented tableside and served with truffle potato puree, forest mushrooms, confit, garlic, roasted root vegetables red wine jus. (Please allow 30-45 minutes for cooking & resting)

Sauteed Foie GrasRp 150,000

Add Sauteed foie Gras to any steak


All grilled fish are served with your choice of Fire signature sauce, grilled lemon and gaufrette chips

Wild hamachiRp 195,000

Gold Band SnapperRp 215,000

Grilled King PrawnsRp 250,000

Yellow - Fin Tuna (cooked rare)Rp 225,000

Norwegian SalmonRp 250,000

Grilled Baby Batik LobsterRp 450,000



Béarnaise sauce, Porcini mushroom sauce, Peppercorn sauce, Chimichurri


Parsley, crushed garlic & olive oil, Café de Paris butter, Salsa verde


Organic Red Quinoa Tabbouleh SaladRp 65,000

Flash Fried Bok Choy, Miso Itame SauceRp 65,000

Classic Creamed Spinach, ParmesanRp 65,000

Fried jalapeño poppers, capsicum aioliRp 65,000

Honey Glazed Roasted Organic CarrotsRp 65,000

Truffle French Fries, Parsley, Truffle OilRp 60,000

Asparagus and Broccoli with Chorizo and Pine NutRp 65,000

Polenta chip with thousand islandRp 65,000

Macaroni and CheeseRp 65,000

Potato Puree, Truffle OilRp 65,000

Crispy Onion Ring, Chili SaltRp 60,000

Steamed Jasmine RiceRp 35,000


Grilled Australian Lambs ChopsRp 290,000

Confit garlic & tomato, pearl onion, goat cheese terrine, black olive- red wine jus

Slow Cooked Wagyu Oyster Blade SteakRp 260,000

Parmesan creamed barley, sweet corn, porcini jus, truffle froth

Fire Signature BouillabaisseRp 290,000

Lobster broth, mussels, snapper, clams, prawns, grilled bread, rouille

Pan Roasted Norwegian SalmonRp 295,000

Morels, French lentils, roasted and pickled heirloom vegetables

Pepper Seared Grade A+ Tuna "ala pascal"Rp 280,000

Eggplant caponata, crushed olive oil potatoes, olive tapenade

Southern Style Crispy Fried ChickenRp 270,000

Buttered truffle potatoes , chicken jus, huney glazed carrots, fried herbs

Grilled Gold Band Snapper Rp 250,000

Charred cauliflower, green olive vinaigrette, poached clams


Sop BuntutRp 150,000

Indonesian style oxtail soup, sambal, steamed rice, prawn cracker

Javanese Yellow Curry of Snapper, Prawns & SquidRp 240,000

Indonesian basil, cherry tomatoes, rice noodles savory coconut curry broth

Seafood BBQ JimbaranRp 250,000

Spiced clam, Balinese urap, pepes ikan, jumbo prawn steamed rice, peanut rempeyek cracker

Roasted Duck & Pineapple CurryRp 210,000

Red curry coconut broth, thai basil, pineapple, grapes, steamed rice

Southern Thai Style Tom Yum SoupRp 160,000

Spicy and sour thai soup, coconut milk, straw mushrooms, prawn squid, snapper

Indonesian Beef RendangRp 210,000

Braised beef with Indonesian spices, coconut milk, steamed rice

Nasi Goreng Kesuna CekuhRp 190,000

Wok-fried rice, chicken, vegetable, shrimp, sambal & egg, peanut crackers


Pod 64% Chocolate Melting SphereRp 165,000

White chocolate mousse, passion fruit jelly, lemon popping candy, almond streusel. Crafted for an ultra pairing by our mixologist with the Spiced espresso machiato martini cocktail 100++ Crafted for an ultra pairing by our mixologist with the spiced espresso machiatomartini cocktail 100++

Green Tea PannacottaRp 95,000

Sake braised strawberry, rice bubble croquant, pistachio ice-cream. Crafted for an ultra pairing by our mixologist with the white cinnabon cocktail 100++

Salted Caramel MousseRp 95,000

Sous vide apples, kaffir lime, aerated chocolate, white chocolate powder. Crafted for an ultra pairing by our mixologist with the jasmine green canyon cocktail 100++

Crispy Meringue DomeRp 95,000

Honey-coconut foam, compressed pineapple, passion fruit gel, coconut crumble. Crafted for an ultra pairing by our mixologist with the tiramisu cocktail 100++

Chocolate Bliss Rp 195,000

80% dark chocolate soufflé, 64% chocolate-chili brulėe 44% milk chocolate bon-bon, banana ice-cream, pandan cotton candy

Selected Balinese FruitRp 105,000


Choose from our artisan French AOC cheese selection. Grilled bread, fruit mustarda, grapes.

Choice of ThreeRp 150,000

Choice of FiveRp 250,000

Bali Blue 

Cow milk, soft ripened, creamy, cambozola characteristics

Rosemary Manchego 

Cow milk, medium firm, olive oil washed rind, mild

German Style Tilsiter 

Cow milk, aged two months, semi soft rind, tangy

French Style Camembert 

Cow milk, soft-creamy texture, buttery, mild

French Style Crottin de Chavignol 

Goat milk, aged goat cheese, crumbly texture, mildly tangy


Double Scoop

Salted Caramel & PretzelRp 40,000

Peanut Butter & Double Chocolate BrownieRp 40,000

Banana & candied hazelnut with Nutella swirlRp 40,000

Maple-Bourbon & Candied WalnutRp 40,000

Banana & Candied Hazelnut with Nutella SwirlRp 40,000

Javanese Vanilla BeanRp 40,000

64% Valrhona ChocolateRp 40,000

Caramel-chocolate honeycombRp 40,000

Classic Bubble Gum & Fruit LoopsRp 40,000

Strawberry swirlRp 40,000


Double Scoop

Mango & BasilRp 40,000

Pineapple & Kaffir LimeRp 40,000

Strawberry & BalsamicRp 40,000

Raspberry sorbet with gummy bearsRp 40,000

Bedugul Passion FruitRp 40,000

Classic LemonadeRp 40,000