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FIRE, our Indonesian restaurant in Seminyak breathes fresh life into local legend.

A certified Bali restaurant in Seminyak, FIRE has always been the hotspot for global foodies and those who love some sizzle. Prime meats are delicately dry-aged by our Chefs, while waves of fresh seafood are caught locally and imported daily from Down Under. Innovatively prepared ingredients include Tasmanian Salmon and Slow-Cooked Organic Chicken.

If the spirit of Bali's theatrical fire dance became a restaurant, what would it look like? Let's begin by looking up. Embodying a radiant Kecak dance flame, a hand-made ceramic fireball chandelier glows from below a ceiling lined with burnt timber strips. A traditional black-and-white Poleng theme conjures the constant struggle between good and evil. Take a moment to admire the ornate draperies, hemmed in Bali's time-honored Ikat weaving style, to represent dancers' fingers. 

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    Power of Rituals

    We believe in the power of rituals, especially when the ritual in question is slow-cooking pork belly for 48 hours. The fiery theme catches on in a decidedly smoky cocktail list. Take the Fire Ritual, for example: a bourbon cocktail made with caramelized honey, orange peel and infused the flavors of the tamarillo. For an intimate, but no less fiery experience, retreat into FIRE's scene unseen, known as Cellar and One Below.